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The 1800s. The age of steam is when the long journey begins with four families in a time of great poverty. They are forced by circumstances beyond their control to travel to the other side of the world, leaving behind families, friends, and their beloved homeland.

Each family shares their stories of hardship and betrayal, and the strength and love they find to overcome these challenges. The journey takes us to the 1900s, when Hannah and Richard marry, bringing the four families together as one, and leading the way into the 21st century when sailing ships and steam trains give way to the age of cyber technology.


A very emotional read that will please lovers of historical fiction as well as intrepid travellers, and those who enjoy adventure and satisfy their pioneering dreams within the pages of a book. Well written, a sound arc, believable characters and good historical content make this book an excellent read

Rose, will she love again after losing everything?

Lizzie. A young couple triumph over the Inquisitors.

Tadukhipa rebels against her father for a chance to change her destiny. 

Esther. Martha's Vinyard an idyllic retreat for some but will Esther find love?

Molly.  Discover how Molly turns tragedy into the decision of her life.


A Historical Fiction Anthology.

Five women and their courageous Journeys 

Nola Li Barr - Louisa M. Bauman - Lauren Lee Merewether - Kimberly C. Miller - Gracie Stathers 


                    Which or these historical fictional women are you?

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Gayel believes the rules of health are simple. 

They should be easy to blend into your busy life. 


'Health in a Minute' will change your life for the better now!

Magnets have been used for years to improve health and reduce pain.​

Magnets restore Health 

 freight free  NZ $7.99

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